City Government

The City of Hornell is governed by a Mayor and ten Councilmen. All the administration functions are carried out through 3 major departments: Public Works, Public Safety and Common Council. The department heads are appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Council.

The Hornell Police Department (H.P.D.) consists of 20 sworn police officers providing 24-hour service to the residents of Hornell. The department’s mission is to serve and protect all of the people within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Hornell, New York. This statement encompasses several duties, responsibilities and requirements of departmental members. They include, but are not limited to, the preservation of the peace, enforcement of all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws, codes and ordinances; protecting the life, property, and personal safety of all persons; and generally assisting citizens in the time of urgent situations.

Patrol Service: The Hornell Police Department provides 24-hour patrol service and dispatch operations, in addition to emergency services requested. The Hornell Police Department is equipped with 4 marked vehicles and 3 unmarked vehicles. Traffic control is provided on a routine basis and is supplemented with specialized patrols for speed enforcement, seat belt enforcement and D.W.I. enforcement. School crossing guards provide protection for the children of our community at major intersections.

Additionally, the patrol service is supplemented by the Hornell Police Department Mounted Unit and Bicycle Patrols. These patrols service special functions, neighborhood block parties, James Street Park, parades and the downtown shopping area. The H.P.D. is a community oriented agency, which provides service that is dictated by the public it serves.

Community Service Programs: The Hornell Police Department is staffed by a certified D.A.R.E. officer that provides the program to the Hornell City School system throughout the school year. The HPD D.A.R.E. officer is also a D.A.R.E. mentor and is currently the only certified D.A.R.E. officer for special education students.

Law Enforcement Week: Annually sponsored by the Hornell Police Department and the Maple City Police Club. Displays are presented by State, Federal, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Demonstrations are provided in the area of K-9 units, police robots, narcotics, N.Y.S. Electric and Gas live wire demonstration, and firearms. Additionally, the H.P.D. in conjunction with local civic and fraternal organizations, provides bicycle safety programs, babysitting safety courses for local youth groups and seminars to prevent burglaries, robberies and shoplifting larcenies for area banks and merchants.

Specialized Units: Hornell Police Department employs a full-time investigation unit and participates in State, County and Federal Narcotic Task Force. The H.P.D. is equipped with one K-9 unit that exceeds N.Y.S. training standards and has received national certification. The unit has competed internationally with other K-9 units and placed second in the competition.

Recently, the Hornell Police Department was accredited by the State of New York after meeting the stringent 169 standards established by the New York State Accreditation Council. The Hornell Police Department became the 36th police department in New York State to be recognized as a professional police agency by meeting these rigid standards.

The Hornell Fire Department delivers professional fire, ambulance, rescue and codes enforcement services to our community. Operating out of a central fire headquarters in downtown Hornell, 21 full-time firefighters and 14 callmen provide these essential services. The Fire Department has 2 front line pumpers capable of pumping 1,750 and 1,500 gallons per minute (GPM). The 100-foot aerial ladder truck can also pump 1,500 GPM. Firefighters are all trained at the New York State Fire Academy in Montour Falls and continue training throughout their career. Fire safety, fire prevention, and smoke detector programs are put on by the firemen in the interest of public safety. The motto of the Hornell Fire Department is: "Professional Service to a Progressive Community."

A recent addition to the Fire Department is the Codes Enforcement Office. The Codes Office is located in City Hall and the Code Enforcement Officer handles plan reviews, issues building permits and completes inspections in accordance with the New York State Codes.

The City of Hornell Ambulance Service is housed at the fire station and staffed by trained fire fighters. The ambulance responds with either a Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician able to provide lifesaving assistance. All of our firemen are either EMTs or have higher level of training. Advanced Life Support ambulance service is provided to the City of Hornell and the entire Town of Hornellsville by the Hornell Fire Department. There are three ambulances in use by the firemen who respond to over 2,000 calls each year, including more than 500 emergencies.

A rescue truck is also in use and staffed by the firemen. This rescue truck is fully equipped with modern rescue equipment including the Jaws of Life, air bags capable of moving almost 150,000 pounds, and several other specialized rescue tools. City firefighters are all well trained and able to use this equipment in even the most unusual circumstances. This equipment has been called into use throughout Steuben County under the mutual aid system.

The Hornell Municipal Airport is located just 3 miles north of the City of Hornell. With its recently constructed 5,000-foot long runway it is capable of handling private and corporate aircraft up to and including most business jets. The runaway, which is 75 feet wide, is served by a full parallel taxiway allowing easy access to the runway at all times. The airport is equipped with a complete aviation lighting system including medium intensity runway edge lighting (MIRL), runway end identifier strobe lighting (REIL), airport rotating beacon, precision approach path indicators for runway 36 (PAPI), taxiway lighting and parking ramp lighting.

The fixed base airport operator is Sterling Airways, Inc. Sterling offers a full range of services to the aviation community including both jet and avgas fuel sales, aircraft charter service, flight instruction and aircraft rental. Sterling also provides certified weather observations for incoming flights by operating a Supplemental Aviation Weather Reporting Station (SAWRS).